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Summer Series Race 2 Notices

Pak'nSave Summer Series Notices to riders

1. Teams Competition: Entries for the Teams Series are still open and will remain so for the Series duration. With over 1,000 points still on the line, the race is wide open. Teams with a wide representation across course, age and gender categories will do well – we encourage fun and participation.

2. Points: Series Points will count for both Teams and Individual Categories. After fixing errors and some uncategorised team memberships, OnslowTarBabies currently lead the Teams Competition (166 Points), followed by MeoGP (104), Baileys Racing Team (100), and Rivet Racing (84). Please see for Individual points (when updated). RIDERS MUST SELECT THEIR TEAM UPON ENTRY to ensure their place in the team is registered in the database. We can't chase up on this.

3. Event 2: Entries are open for the Martinborough-Ngawi Classic. The MedioFondo turnaround has been brought back 7 km and is now located at the top of the first small rise after the turn to Ngawi (at 33 km), making the total distance now 65 km. The GranFondo remains the full Martinborough-Ngawi Classic.

4. Registration: For Event 2 the registration is at the Village Café, Martinborough. The Café has sponsored the venue. Please support the Café by buying your drinks and food here on the day. Assembly for neutral Event rollout will be out the back of the Café in the carpark rolling on to Ohio St.

5. Podium presentation: We will hold a podium presentation at Village Café as soon as possible after the final riders are finished (about 145-2PM).

6. Photos: We'd love to get more photos of riders in the events, if you are, or know of a keen photographer to take event pictures please contact Mark Sherlock 021 481 562 - we especially love ones of people riding proudly in PNP kit.

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