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Wellington Schools Cycling

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Around New Zealand every Centre brings their schools together to race bikes. Wellington is no different. The PNP Cycling Club holds regular events for riders to attend over the Schools Cycling season between May and October. 

Schools Cycling is all about teamwork – much like rowing is teamwork – but cycling doesn’t have a boat to hold the team together. This is where the skill and fun starts, as you form strong bonds working together to bring your team home in one piece.

Schools can also form their own Groups or Clubs. This usually takes a teacher or two interested in cycling, a few parents as helpers, a good group of keen, young cyclists and you’re away. The School then becomes members of Cycling NZ Schools. 

If you can’t form a school team, you can still enter the individual road events or local time trials.

This page currently caters for the Road & Track side of Schools Cycling. The MTB page may have details of local MTB events.

More info

Updates and news: Wellington Schools Cycling Facebook Page

For more info on the Nationals and to register with Cycling New Zealand Schools: NZ Schools Cycling

Rules for Junior Gearing on Page 14 & 33: Junior Gears

Wellington Representative for the NZ Schools Association

Mark Donald  021 269 9674 or markandgill.donald[at]gmail[dot]com

Wellington Schools Timed Records

Here are the current fastest times for the courses used in the Wellington area: Wellington Records

Training in schools

When starting up a school team, the school may require the help of professionals to give instructions on cycle skills and road safety.

Often when a school creates a cycling team or club, the level of interest in cycling increases across the school and more kids start riding to and from school. This is often a good time to get in the instructors from Pedal Ready in to teach the kids the necessary skills to travel safely to and from their home to school.

There are courses for BMX, Mountain Bikers and Road Riding to suit kids of all levels.

Courses in Grade 1 (school grounds) and Grade 2 (on road) can be undertaken depending on the age/experience of the riders. Pedal Ready is a cycle skills training programme funded by Sport Wellington/Kiwi Sport and the Road Safety Trust with support from the Sustainable Transport team at Greater Wellington.

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