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PNP Annual General Meeting Minutes 2020-2021

After a long delay, we finally managed to hold our AGM for 2020-2021.

Date: 20 March 2022

Time: 4.45pm

Location: Hataitai Velodrome

Quorum: Yes

1) 2019-2020 Minutes accepted as a true and correct record, forwarded by Robert Comeskey, Seconded by Mike Molony

2) 2020-2021 Accounts accepted as an accurate financial record, forwarded by Nick Warren, Seconded by Krissy O’Connor

3) Club Fees were voted to remain the same as previous year

a. Junior membership $40

b. Senior membership $60

c. Family membership $150

4) The subsidy that has been available to all members competing in National or International level events, where they are representing PNP, Wellington and/or New Zealand will remain the same as previous years

a. $50 per/person per/annum received upon request

5) Honoraria for 2020-2021 service to the Club were agreed to be offered as follows:

a. President – Mark Renall $500

b. Treasurer – Peter Mitchell $500

c. Secretary – Krissy O’Connor $500

d. Advocacy – Mark Coburn $500

e. Track Convenor – Chris Bagley $500

f. Road Convenor – Mike O’Neil $500

g. Mountain Bike Convenors – Robert Comeskey & Peter Mitchell $500

h. Juniors Coach – Gary Gibson $750

6) Trophies for the 2020-2021 season were awarded as follows:

a. Presidents Cup, awarded to the person who best embodies the spirit of the Club – Nick Warren

b. Most improved rider was awarded to track cyclist – Bella Uivell

7) Club Rooms: PNP may have the opportunity to lease the facility at the Hataitai Velodrome that sits above the toilets, lockers and change rooms. The expected annual rent is $8,000. A discussion was had to the pros and cons of this proposition, and it was agreed by majority vote that the Club should pursue this opportunity and take it on if possible. If we are successful, a request will be issued for a small committee to help set the space and ensure we maximise the benefits of this opportunity.


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