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Getting started on the track

Riding on the velodrome is easy - there are plenty of opportunities to join planned sessions or do an introduction to track cycling if you're a newcomer. Our season runs from October to March, costs are minimal, and we have track bikes to rent during the season if needed.

Your Pathway from Rookie to Challenger

Depending on your cycling experience, we'll allocate you into one of the below groups which act as a guide so that you know the skills you need, what equipment you should have, when you can ride and what admin you must be aware of.

We have an experienced and friendly group of people to help you progress through each group - just get in touch at to get started!

The Rookie Pathway

Entirely new to track cycling? This is where to start. 

Skills to master

- Fitted for bike and can complete safety checks (Helmet, M Check and ABC Check)

- Can start and stop from rail

- Can ride on track and move safely above blue line

- Can ride safely in a paceline and take a turn

- Can look over shoulder while riding

- Can safely pass other riders

Suggested equipment

Everything can be borrowed but ideally you have your own:

- Helmet

- Cycling shoes

Contact us about bike hire and getting set up.

When to ride

Check our session timetable for the details

- Ele's Rookie Sessions (Wednesday evenings)

- Other ad hoc rookie sessions posted on the Facebook page

- After you've ridden at least twice on the track: Thursday adults training sessions

Admin you need to do

- Join PNP Cycling Club as a social member

- Fill out the bike hire and costs form if necessary

The Club Rider Pathway

Got some cycling experience and looking to take the next step? 

Skills to master

- Can ride at pace and hold line

- Uses all parts of the track

- Can move around safely within a bunch

- Understands standard race concepts

- Can do a held standing start

- Uses clip in shoes

Suggested equipment

- Helmet

- Cycling shoes

- Cycling jersey and shorts

When to ride

- All training sessions (check our session timetable for the details)

- Sunday club racing

- Carnival events in C or B grade

Admin you need to do

- Join PNP Cycling Club as a social member

- Fill out the bike hire and costs form if necessary

The Challenger Pathway

You're right into the racing!

Skills to master

- Competes regularly at races at good safe standard

- Can do madison slings

- Can do a flying start 200m correctly

Suggested equipment

- Own bike

- Skinsuit

When to ride

- All racing at Wellington

- Regional events

- Can be put forward for National Championship teams

- All training sessions (check session timetable for the details)

Admin you need to do

- Cycling NZ racing license

Hire bikes

Our fleet of hire bikes is available throughout the season, we have sizes suitable for eight-year olds up, and are all dead cheap to rent. 

More information about our hire bikes


We've been getting kids onto the velodrome for over a decade, where they can learn cycling skills, racing discipline, play games and have fun.

We've got bikes for eight year olds and up, you just need a helmet! Contact

More information about our Junior Track programme

Training times

From mid October to end of March every year we have mulitple velodrome sessions booked exclusively for our use.

Full timetable and session details will be published on the page


There is nothing stopping you using the velodrome outside of these hours if it is unoccupied, however please be aware other clubs (e.g. triathlon or softball) may have booked the track or the infield for their exclusive use.

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