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Racing, events and records


Racing takes place most Sundays throughout summer. Most weeks are come-as-you-are club races but we also run a number of larger Wellington Cup and other carnival race meetings including the prestigious Laykold Cup Carnival.

We run a mix of races every week from short and sharp sprints to longer endurance points and scratch races. Have a read of this page for a full rundown of many of the race types you can expect at the Wellington Velodrome.


All our race meets, training schedules and events such as Open Days are posted on


Race results, points standings and a full archive are all on the Wellington Velodrome database.


PNP Cycling Club maintains a list of track records and fastest PNP riders for the Wellington Velodrome.

Senior track records

Junior track records


For an official record, the attempt must be timed by three time keepers with at least one CyclingNZ qualified commissaire, or a member of the PNP Cycling Club track sub-committee in attendance.


Junior Riders must complete a roll-out either before or after their ride and comply with the CyclingNZ gear restrictions:
U15 = maximum gearing of 6.61m
U17 = maximum gearing of 7.0m
U19 = maximum gearing of 7.93m

To calculate the time, take the middle of the three times. If a senior record has been set, the time should be sent to, for a junior record, send it to

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