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Junior track

You've seen the Games - now it's your turn

Wellington cyclist, George Jackson started as a 12 year-old at the Wellington Velodrome and rode the 2022 Commonwealth Games and 2023 World Championships as part of the New Zealand team. We're looking for the next generation of young cyclists to experience one of New Zealand's most successful sports.

2023-24 Junior Track Season

Our season runs from mid October to end of March. Junior Track Cycling Registration Day will be at the beginning of Term 4 on Tuesday 10 October 2023 from 4pm but we accept new riders at any point in the season.


New riders

New riders welcome throughout the season. We offer three free try-outs at either our Tuesday 4pm, or Sunday 2pm beginner sessions. Contact us to make it happen.

Registration and season fees

We strongly encourage you to take out a PNP Cycling Club membership, which would give you cheaper access to racing and training and support our efforts in running track cycling in Wellington. 

Please note that you don't HAVE to be a PNP Cycling Club member to ride and race at the Wellington Velodrome!

Check the membership page for all the benefits and details.

For all track cyclists, PNP members or not, use this form for all track specific fees:

  • Track bikes are available for hire (see below for more details).

  • Kids sessions are on Tuesdays from 4pm from mid-October. 

  • Alternatively there are Sunday beginners sessions from 2pm-3.30pm (these must be booked in with the coach in advance).

  • Annual Costs are kept to a minimum:

    • Club membership: $40

    • Bike Rental: $55

    • Coaching: $15 (for beginners only)

All about our Junior Track Programme

Just about all of the top New Zealand cyclists come from a track cycling background. This is where they learn the basics of cadence, speed and bike handling. We have about 40 track bikes in all sizes available for hire to new riders trying out the sport. These bikes can usually fit kids from Year 6 and upwards, but there are now a few tiny bikes available for kids from about 8 years old. If you have your own bike then there’s no age limit to get started.

Riders are grouped according to age and ability:


The beginners group is held on Tuesdays from 4-5.30pm. This group learns bike handling skills in a fun, safe atmosphere. We play games on the bike, first starting out on the grass, then moving up to the track later. Formation riding, team events and time-trials are usually run on these afternoons. Peer coaching is provided by older, more experienced kids to help run this group. We 'play' bike!



Everyone develops at their own pace and riders soon move on to a higher level. The intermediate group starts after the beginners group at 5.30pm and are doing more experienced stuff like motor-pacing behind a motorbike, sprint practice and pursuits. An all-together faster experience. Runs from 5.30 until 7pm. There are opportunities to train on other nights, with senior riders too.

Performance Team Training

At various times during the week, special training and coaching sessions are allocated for the Wellington Junior Team preparing to go to the National Track Championships in March. Regular motor-pacing is required to gain speed and experience. We may make a few trips to the Avantidrome in Cambridge or Whanganui as well.


Club track racing is held on Sundays from around 4pm and it's a fun, relaxed environment to try your first race. We mix up the types of races and it's all graded by ability. There are also six or seven 'bigger' carnival and Wellington Cup events which usually take place Sunday mornings during the season - keep an eye on for the details. We award trophies and jerseys for each Wellington Cup grade throughout the season and these are most coveted by our younger riders. There is also a Most Improved trophy awarded at the end of the session, plus a Junior Track Cycling Carnival in February which riders from around the Lower North Island attend.

Equipment to borrow

As well as a fleet of rental track bikes in all sizes, we have a range of spare pedals, cycling shoes, helmets and clothing that riders can also use to fully equip themselves for racing. We even have cycling clothes to use for no extra cost.

Junior track cycling records

During the season riders have the opportunity to challenge the fastest times in their age-group to obtain a new Wellington Record. Planning ahead for the ideal weather conditions and ensuring there are enough time-keepers are available on the day is important.
You can see the current record times set here: Junior Wellington Records.


Contact Gary, the Junior Coach: Tel 021 173 4406 or

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