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Track working bee at the Shed

The Wellington Track crew will be having a Track Working Bee on Sunday August 28 starting from midday. We hope to have a BBQ going to keep you all fed while we get the track bikes prepared for the coming season.

This has always been an easy, fun day of fixing and cleaning bikes with plenty of help, so we’d love to see you there again this year.

The general Working Bee things we do… • Clean bikes, repair punctured wheels, replace worn tyres/handle-bar tape etc. • Mechanic to do more difficult jobs on bikes: bottom/brackets, headsets, etc. • Clean floor/toilets/sink and anything else • Put up posters, signs, framed pictures, hooks, etc. • Ensure pumps are all working (including compressor) • Prepare motorbikes for new season (replace batteries/swap tyres around and ensure motor is turning over) • Check rollers/wind-trainers/ergs are all going • Tidy up first aid kit (replace items used), tidy starters bag and registration bag

Contact if you have any questions, see you there!

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