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PNP Club Kit – Champion Systems

Champion Systems – Premium custom cycling apparel

Champion Systems offer technical, modern and performance oriented garments, that we have customised with our Club's colours and logos.


If you have an existing Champion Systems account your will not need to register again, it will automatically integrate together with your existing login information. If you don't have an account, please register first, then place your order.

Once you have placed your order, you will go through to the check-out and pay. 

The shop will open at specific times throughout the year, and will align with key dates such as the opening of the race season, Christmas, Nationals etc. Please check the table below or keep an eye on Facebook for the next opening date.

No orders outside of the time when the shop is officially open will be accepted, whether it's one day or one month it can't be done – so please don't hassle the committee or Champion Systems to make an exception.

Size Guide

To view the size charts click the buttons below.


All orders will be dispatched to Krissy (Club Secretary) and you will be responsible for picking your items up from her home in Ngaio. This is to save you $. The Club will not be stocking items for sale at this time, if you are racing as part of the club, at Nations or similar, it's your responsibility to order kit in time to participate.

Full Range of Gear

We've gone all out and designed a range of items that all work well together and will cover all your cycling needs from elite racing to commuting to training rides. The PNP Club Kit collection includes the following items.

Standard cycling apparel: Cycling jerseys, Cycling shorts and bibs, Skinsuits, Trail tops and shorts, Jackets

Accessories: Warmers (arm, knee and leg), Shoe covers, Gloves, Hats and caps, Socks (6 inch and 4 inch)

Extras: Performance tops, running tops, casual tops, street shorts

Contact information

If you're having issues while ordering, or want to ask a question specific to Champion Systems apparel, please contact them on directly on 0800 242 677.

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