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Champion Systems – Premium custom cycling apparel

Champion Systems offer technical, modern and performance oriented garments, that we have customised with our Club's colours and logos. Their range is catergorised into three distinct collections, enabling every athlete to easily determine what style of garment they should choose based on their own personal requirements and preferences.

APEX – The Epitome

The Apex collection accepts no compromises, it’s simply the best. Hand crafted only with the highest quality premium technical fabrics featuring market leading construction techniques. As the name represents, this collection is the epitome of performance sports apparel.

Apex is specifically designed for the discerning, detail oriented athlete, who’s looking to leave no stone unturned in their quest for top results. Featuring clean, fashionable style lines, tailored specifically for a close fit, the Apex collection is optimized for performance and function.


The Performance collection is “the go to” collection when you are not sure what your day will bring. This range is hand crafted from a selection of premium fabrics providing all round function, whether you are training, racing or simply on the local coffee run.

Engineered specifically for performance, this collection provides something for every athlete, covering all bases when you are not sure what is up the road.

TECH – The Core

The Tech collection forms the core of your sports apparel needs, providing a perfect balance between feature packed technical performance and practicality. This collection is designed and hand crafted specifically to do the basics very well at unmatched value for such an offering.


If you have an existing Champion Systems account your will not need to register again, it will automatically integrate together with your existing login information. If you don't have an account, please register first, then place your order.

Once you have placed your order, you will go through to the check-out and pay. 

The shop will open at specific times throughout the year, and will align with key dates such as the opening of the race season, Christmas, Nationals etc. Please check the table below or keep an eye on Facebook for the next opening date.

No orders outside of the time when the shop is officially open will be accepted, whether it's one day or one month it can't be done – so please don't hassle the committee or Champion Systems to make an exception.

Please note: If you are racing the Road North Island Series, then you should order Champion System clothing (rather than from the Tineli range) to ensure your kit arrives in time, as they have a shorter delivery turn-around time.

Size Guide

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All orders will be dispatched to Krissy (Club Secretary) and you will be responsible for picking your items up from her home in Ngaio. This is to save you $. The Club will not be stocking items for sale at this time, if you are racing as part of the club, at Nations or similar, it's your responsibility to order kit in time to participate.

Jan 07, 2020

Shop open

All orders must be placed before Midnight Sunday 19 January 2020. 

All items will be delivered to Krissy and be ready for collection around the 23rd February 2020 – please note this date as enquiries about the delivery schedule will not be replied to by Champion Systems.

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Full Range of Gear

We've gone all out and designed a range of items that all work well together and will cover all your cycling needs from elite racing to commuting to training rides. The PNP Club Kit collection includes the following items.

Standard cycling apparel: Cycling jerseys, Cycling shorts and bibs, Skinsuits, Trail tops and shorts, Jackets

Accessories: Warmers (arm, knee and leg), Shoe covers, Gloves, Hats and caps, Socks (6 inch and 4 inch)

Extras: Performance tops, running tops, casual tops, street shorts

Contact information

If you're having issues while ordering, or want to ask a question specific to Champion Systems apparel, please contact them on directly on 0800 242 677.


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