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Image courtesy of Tighe Nutsford

Capital Cycles Criterium Series

Aug 03, 2019

10:00AM – 1:45PM

Race 1

Somme Road, Trentham, Upper Hutt

Aug 10, 2019

10:00AM – 1:45PM

Race 2

Somme Road, Trentham, Upper Hutt

Aug 17, 2019

10:00AM – 1:45PM

Race 3

Somme Road, Trentham, Upper Hutt

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Race entry fees

PNP members $10 per race

All schools grades $5 per race 

Non-members $15 per race.

Find out more about PNP memberships.


You must register at least 30 minutes before the start of your race. Registration will be at YMCA hall off Somme Road. Entry is on the Day.

Race times

10.00am U13 Boys & Girls - 15mins + 1 lap 1 prime sprint at approx 8 minutes

10.25 am U15 Boys & Girls - 20mins + 1 lap 2 prime sprints at approx 7 and 14 minutes
10.50 am U17 Boys & U17 & U19 Girls - 25mins + 1 lap 2 prime sprints at approx 7 & 14 minutes
11.30 am C Grade 25mins + 1 lap 3 primes at approx 7, 14, 21 minutes
12.10 pm B Grade 25mins + 2 laps 3 primes at approx 7, 14 ,21 minutes
12.50 pm A grade/U19 Boys 30mins + 2 Laps 3 prime sprints at approx 8, 16 and 24

Adult riders:  Men and women are welcome to ride in any grade dependant on ability. Check with the race manager if you are unsure.


Points will allocated for intermediate sprints with first place 5pts, second 3pts, third 2pts and fourth 1pt. Double points are allocated for the finishing sprint. A whistle will indicate the start of a sprint lap and the bell will indicate the start of the last lap. 


Prizes (both cash and product from Capital Cycles) will be awarded to first, second and third over the total series in each category, separately for boys and girls in the youth grades (depending on numbers). You must attend prize giving to receive prizes. Prize giving will be after the third race in the series at 12 pm for Adult Grades and 1.45pm for the youth grades.

Race numbers

Please place race number on the left hand side of your race jersey so marshals on the start/finish line can see it. Please return your number to registration after your race.

Mechanical issues

If you have a mechanical you have two laps to rejoin the race in the position you were in however you cannot rejoin in the last 2 laps of the race. Please report to the start/finish line before rejoining the race.

Gear and age restrictions

Under 19, Under 17, Under 15 and Under 13 riders must meet the age category as at 31 Dec 2018.  Under 13 and U15 a 6,6m gear restriction applies.  Under 17 a 7.0m gear restriction applies.


Round One results here: Criterium 1 Aug4

Round Two results here: Criterium 2 Aug11

Image courtesy of Tighe Nutsford

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