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Road sub-committee

The whole Road sub-committee can be reached on

Road Convenor – Chris Sutherland

Calendar and event planning – Dave Rowlands

Marketing – Mike O'Neil

Budget / financials – Andy Hagan

Sponsorship – Regan Wood

Fundraising – Craig Chambers

Mark Sherlock – Youth  021 481 562

Administrator – Kerrin Allwood

Track Sub-committee

Track sub-committee

The Track sub-committee can be reached on

Track Convenor – Peter Mitchell

Communications – Nick Warren

Speed League Co-organiser – Nick Warren

National Championships Team Coordinator, Event Logistics – Jamie Hodgkinson  

Registrations – Katherine Pepperell

Finances & Miscellaneous – Chris Taylor

Coach – Gary Gibson

Sprint coach – Ian Ellis

Track Captain – Regan Bang

Miscellaneous – Gideon Burke

Special projects

Track resurfacing project manager – Angus Taylor

Race officials

Kirsty Fleming, Mike Meadowcroft and Tony Pepperell

Contact the committee for any questions:

Additional volunteers

We’re extremely grateful for all the volunteers who give their time to make track happen. But we’ve got loads more we want to do. Here’s a list of jobs and projects we need help with, contact to join the team and give something back. The time committment is estimated and we understand you can’t be at the track every week.

MTB Sub-committee

Mountain Bike sub-committee

The Mountain bike sub-committee can be reached on

MTB Convenor – Krissy O'Connor & Mike Molony  021 49 22 31
Race day Admin & Timing – Dean Compton  021 2283906
Race day Admin & Timing – Blair Heppleston  021 449 064

Community Grants and Sponsorship – Marco Renalli  021 2689506

Junior leadership – Hamish Paice

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