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PNP Summer Fun Ride Series

Entry Details 

& Rules


Some of the stuff is the same at all the PNP Summer Series Events.   This is what you need to know and more. 

Covid19: Covid has created much uncertainty regarding events.  We hope to hold all events in the PNP Summer Series, but we want to keep you safe, therefore the PNP Summer Series will not go ahead at Levels 2-4.  This will be assessed for every event. 

If you are feeling unwell, we ask that you stay at home please. 

Entry: Online entry is preferred as it helps us enormously, but you can also enter on the day also for extra charge.  Pricing for 2021 is still being confirmed, but PNP members will get a race/series discount.

Entry will be confirmed/made available in as soon as we can. 

Team Entry: Free Team entry for the series is FREE for 2021.  Teams are any number of riders, can be across all grades, genders and distances. Note: only the top 10 placings from each team, by age category, will count for team points for a given event.


Entry categories: 

  • U19 Men / U19 Women

  • 20-34 Men / 20-34 Women

  • 35-44 Men / 35-44 Women

  • 45-54 Men / 45-54 Women

  • 55-59 Men / 55-59 Women

  • 60-69 Men / 60-69 Women

  • 70+ Men / 70+ Women

Event timing: Event timing will be captured using an automated timing system. You will also be issued a number, to allow for manual timing as a back up. Pick up your numbers and timing tags from registration from 8:30am to 9:30am, prior to the event start at 10:00am. Please ensure your number is pinned in the centre of your back so it can been seen at the finish. Return timing tags and race numbers at end of each race, you will be issued with a new one at each race registration.

Starting Waves: Two starting waves will be available for each of the short and long courses.  The first wave is for more experienced and faster riders.  Wave 2 is for newer riders who would like a challenge and be able to gain experience from riding in a bunch. 

Ride Support: Ride support at our PNP races is next level, we offer motorbike support, a wheel wagon and sag wagon.   

  • Motorbike marshalls accompany the bunches to provide rolling support, marshalling and traffic management. 

  • A wheel wagon follows the bunches so that in the event you get a flat tyre you can swap wheels (BYO wheel to be left in the wagon)

  • A sag wagon in case you are having a really bad day and need a lift back to the start.   

Post-Race Events: We don't do a prize-giving at the end of every race, but we will provide post-ride treats and an opportunity for post-race banter.  Our prize-giving will be held at the last race of the series - don't worry there will be post-ride treats there too. 

Team competitor rules: 

Register team at start of series.

FREE registration per Team for the Series. However, the Team needs to register the team in the online portal (webscorer) by the nominated Team Leader. There will be a prize pool for the Series Teams Competition. The more teams entered, the larger the Teams prize pool.

Teams may be any singular or hybrid of club, corporate/workplace, social/your mates, regular cycling teams.

Teams comprise minimum of 4 and no maximum riders across grades and the two distances. That is, you can have riders in one team in any age-grade across both races. Teams may be single or mixed sex.

Team uniforms are encouraged, but not mandatory.

Riders earn team points based on their finish results in their entered age category. A team with a rich representation across age and sex categories will probably do well.

Points are awarded to top 10 placings per team across both short and long course by age and sex category.

Riders must be registered into teams at the start of series. Additions permitted as Series progresses. However, to avoid burglars…

…Riders registered for a team and who selected the long course in any race, may not earn points in a subsequent short  (no down grading), but can return to the long course in subsequent events. However, a rider who starts in the short course, may upgrade to the long course and retain points eligibility. This rule is to stop riders changing between course distances dependent on their perceived strengths/weaknesses.

Event rules and limited liability: 

Quality mass start road cycling challenge events for individuals, and social, corporate, and regular teams.

Competitors, all volunteers and officials by starting and attending the event do so at their own risk (as per BikeNZ rules) and imply their acceptance of this condition and absolve the race organisation of liability.

Numbers and timing tags are provided. Number to be worn on centre back or jersey pockets. Electronic timing tags must be returned at the end of each race or pay $20 penalty.

All roads riden during the series are open. Riders must abide by NZ traffic and road rules, especially double yellow line rule. Ride on left side of the road at all times. Riders must take strict notice of road patrols, road works, marshal and traffic regulations. The Race Director reserves the right to disqualify any rider for breach of NZ Road Rules, dangerous or unsportsmanlike behaviour. Verbal abuse of other riders, volunteers, and supports will not be tolerated and may result in cancellation of any prize money owing or disqualification of the infringing rider at Race Director discretion. Any complaints should be logged to the Race Director.

Riders repeatedly riding on wrong side of the road will be given a time penalty or slowest time for their grade and on 2nd offence – disqualification. This rule is not about occasional movement over the line due to movement in the peloton or a quick passing manoeuvre over the line. It is about attacks on the wrong side of the road, continually sitting over the line, and sitting over the line on blind corners or with oncoming traffic. Riders should form second and third echelons in cross winds.

Event finishes will be indicated by a finishing line, chequered flag, timing equipment and road cones. There will be signs displayed at 2km, 1km, 500m to before the finish. Riders should take personal note of the mapped location of the course in case they miss a turn or otherwise (take course map if uncertain). Noted distances are approximate from Strava.  (Routes links are available on the race page)

Support vehicles. For safety reasons, no feeding from support vehicles is permitted. Feeding at designated safe feed zones defined by race organization only. Do not park on the course side within 1 km of the finish.

Podium for top 3 overall man and women at the Event venue about 60 min after main group finishes.

Following vehicles. Only official vehicles are permitted to follow, which may include volunteer additional team wheel wagon/feed support. Supporters, please use alternative routes where possible to access feed station, view points etc.

In the case of a tie for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place at the end of the race, the rider with the highest first placings within the respective Competition wins the placing (not time on GC, not final event placing). If number of first placings are drawn, then second placings decide, and so forth until separation occurs.

Cycling NZ Standard rules for bikes. Bikes must be road worthy, safe, and checked. It is the rider's responsibility to ensure they are riding a safe bike for their own and other riders' safety.

Neutral Service: Wheel wagons will be available for all races. Mechanics will do their best to provide you with our own wheel, but this may not be guaranteed. Name and race number on cardboard in spokes please. You may or may not be drafted back up to the last bunch on the road depending on safety.

An Ambulance crew will be on the course. ​​


Series Points:

Points are awarded on the following criteria:

Placing | All age and gender category points.  If less than 10 riders per category/day points in brackets apply.

  • 1st - 25 points (25)

  • 2nd - 20 points (15)

  • 3rd - 17 points (10)

  • 4th - 15 points (8)

  • 5th - 13 points (6)

  • 6th - 11 points (0)

  • 7th - 9 points (0)

  • 8th - 8 points (0)

  • 9th - 7 points (0)

  • 10th - 6 points (0)

  • 11th - 5 points (0)

  • 12th - 4 points (0)

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