Balfour Pennington Series

Since 1962 PNP has been holding the BP Series. An exciting early season handicap series with something for everyone. The BP Series is the perfect start for legs that don’t have the endurance fitness that traditionally comes later in the season.

The series is traditionally held over very achievable 25-45km courses. The handicap format works by having four to six graded starting groups each with set time gaps, with the slower groups starting first and the fastest group last. The objective is for each group to work together to stay away from the groups behind them and chase down everybody in front.

With the handicap format everyone has a great chance of wining… the key being to get your start group to work well together so you have the fastest net time, and earn points each week.

More information about handicap road racing, and the clubs handicapping policy and current handicap list can be found < here > .

The 2012 Balfour Pennington Series information can be found on the calendar.