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PNP Summer Fun Ride Series

Tour de Hutt 

Upper Hutt

Saturday 22 February 2020

25, 50 or 100km
Start from 10am

Race 3 of the third edition of the PAK'n'SAVE PNP Summer Fun Ride Series.  Here's what you need to know:

Time/Date | Race 3 is held on Saturday 22 February 2020.  Please be registered no later than 9.45am to enable racing to start from 10am. 

  • Long Course start is 10am, start-line briefing at 9.55am.

  • Short course start is 10.15am, start-line briefing 10.10am. 

Registration | Brewtown, 23 Blenheim Street, Upper Hutt

Courses | There are three courses to choose from.  For Race 3/Tour de Hutt the short course is 25km (1 loop), the medium course is 50km (2 loops) and the long course is 100km (4 loops).  Course descriptions and Strava maps are below.  Note this is a loop.  

Starting Waves | Two starting waves will be available for each of the long course.  The first wave is for more experienced and faster riders.  Wave 2 is for newer riders who would like a challenge and be able to gain experience from riding in a bunch. 


Team Entry | A 'free' team competition is available with points awarded across all age ranges, gender and courses. 


Entry | Online entry is open.  PNP members receive an entry discount.

tour de hutt

ALL coursse

Course Description

From our event venue at Brewtown as part of #bikethehutt riders will make their way to Alexander Rd where the even starts. Once underway the course follows Alexander Rd for onto Messines Ave which we follow briefly before turning left onto Somme Rd.

Somme Rd become Heretaunga Sq and then the course follows a couple of right left combinations through Pemspey St and Gloucester St until riders reach Gard St which takes you to the roundabout at Silversteam Village. Riders will turn left at the roundabout on to Whitemans Rd. At the top of Whitemans Rd riders veer left onto Blue Mountains Rd which takes you to the base of the Blue Mountains climb at about 6km from the start.

Climb to the top for 2.2kms to gain 190m of elevation, and then turn left after about 11km into Whitemans Valley Rd. Follow Whitemans Valley Rd until turning left on to Wallaceville Hill Rd at approximately 21km. Go over the top of Wallaceville Hill and descend to the roundabout at the bottom where you will turn left onto Alexander Rd once again to repeat the lap three more times.

Short course 1 lap, Medium course 2 laps, Long course 4 laps!


Get Involved and Support our Series

by being a Sponsor

A significant vote of thanks goes to oursponsors, whose generous support ensures we are able to provide these events.  We have a range of sponsorship opportunities that can connect your company with the capital’s cycling community.  Email to get involved.

Thanks to our Sponsors

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