The Hope Gibbons Centre Shield – Team Time Trial

The Hope Gibbons Centre Shield dates back to 1934 when it was presented by Hope Gibbons Limited, for annual competition between teams of 5 from Amateur Cycling Clubs of the Wellington Centre. The Wellington Centre victors would then carry on to a national club teams competition

Over the shields history, the clubs that are part of the Wellington Centre have changed, so there has been a varied list of winning clubs including Port Nicholson, Poneke, Masterton, Wainui, Hutt, Marlbourgh and Nelson.

An impressive shield by any standard, it currently has nearly 300 past winners names engraved on individual shields. Names such as Gary Humpherson, Harry Kent, B Cornish, Dave Robinson and Darren Gordon (with the most wins of 10) all engraved on it.

Unfortunately the national competition no longer carries on , but the Wellington Centre Team Time Trial Title is still very keenly contested.

In 2006 the Hope Gibbons went back to five person teams, as it was in bygone days, and this configuration is still in place.

Each teams time is taken on the third rider across the line.

Aero bars and equipment are allowed.

This is a great event to practice riding in a tight formation and learning pace judgement skills. If you have ever watched the Tour de France you might of seen the TTT stage which is critical for teams with riders having high aspirations for general classification (overall placing). Riding a TTT is mentally and physically one of the most demanding disciplines in cycling.

The current course record is held by Tanks Henchmen (Darren Gordon, Steve O’Connor, David Rowlands, Scott Lyttle, Dan Waluszewski), who 2012 in light NE wind and fine conditions produced the scorching 50min 39 time on the 40km Kahutara course.

Entry details and further information can be found on the calendar.