Volunteering is a great part of being involved in any sports club – it’s vital to the running of the club and its events. It gives you a chance to give something back to your club, and you get to see what goes into keeping each race safe.

It is a requirement for all PNP Club Members who have identified road as their primary or secondary discipline to volunteer for a two races during the racing season, either as a race manager or to assist with marshalling. Without adequate club member support in volunteering at races we may not be able to deliver events for you to participate in.

You can select a race to volunteer for by emailing the Road Volunteer Coordinator with your name, contact details and the date of the race that you would like to volunteer for. It is club policy that if you do not select a race to volunteer at, one will be allocated to you.

Members can opt out of their volunteering obligations by paying a fee of $50 per duty ($50 for one race or $100 for two.). This money will be spent on paying non-club members to marshall.

If you choose to take this option contact the Road Volunteer Coordinator to arrange payment.

If you cant make your date, it is your responsibility to find a replacement in your absence, and to inform the Volunteer Coordinator so that Race Manager knows. Its not fair to leave it up to the Race Manager.

Let us know if you are keen to manage a race when you volunteer. As a race manager you will receive plenty of support and we will provide you with an updated race managers manual detailing the responsibilities of the role and also a detailed traffic management plan for your course.

The volunteer does not have to be you, it might be one of your supporters that will be cheering from the roadside at a race anyway.

Failing to meet your volunteer obligation may see you being denied the ability to race future club races.

Select your volunteer date and email to the Road Volunteer Coordinator then hit the road for some training. Looking forward to seeing you all at the races!

Details on each race are on the calendar.


Race Managers, please refer to the Race Managers Handbook v2 before you carry out your volunteer duty as a Race Manager.


Currently volunteers are urgently required for the following events:

Date Event Course   Event Staffing
17/10/13 BP Round 1 of the Balfour-Pennington Series Blue mountains – YMCA base Race Manager Dave Shermo
Timing/Race Reg/results:
Marshalls: Kerrin Allwood, Graeme Hawkins, Paul Lundon
24/10/13 BP Round 2 of the Balfour-Pennington Series Whitemans Valley, Mangaroa School base Race Manager Wayne McDermott 
Timing/Race Reg/results:
Marshalls Paul Lundon, Peter Mora, Richard Hoskin
31/10/13 BP Round 3 of the Balfour-Pennington Series Chocolate Fish Cafe, Miramar Race Manager Paul Morten 
Marshalls: (7 of 7) Mark Coburn, Renita VanderHelm, Luke McDermott, Steve Chapman, Mattew Webb-Smith, Paul Lundon, Peter Kane
Date Event Course
7/9/13 BP Round 4 of the Balfour-Pennington Series Wairarapa, Masterton Base Race Manager Dave Rowlands
Timing/Race Reg/results:
Marshalls (3 of 5. Two more req.) Thomas Zink, John Carran, Mike Naylor 
8/9/13 Junior Road Race Wairarapa Race Manager: Deirdre Johnson
Timing/Race Reg/results:
21/9/13 Capital Cycles Cup – Graded Road Series Race  1 Martinborough, Martinborough Hall base Race Manager
Timing/Race Reg/results:
Marshal  Thomas Zink, Brent Backhouse
Date Event Course
12/10/13 Capital Cycles Cup – Graded Road Series Race 2 Upper Hutt Race Manager
YMCA base? Timing/Race Reg/results:
Marshal (3 of 5. Two more needed) Trevor Mallard, Allan Tapp, Michael Milner
19/10/13 Capital Cycles Cup – Graded Road Series Race 3 Wainuiomata Race Manager Natalie Howell 
Timing/Race Reg/results:
Marshalls (1 of 4. Three required.) Trevor Mallard
26/10/13 Capital Cycles Cup – Graded Road Series Race 4 - Criterium, Upper Hutt Race Manager Craig Chambers 
Timing/Race Reg/results:
Marshalls (2 required)
Date Event Course
23/11/13 Kevin Smith Memorial – Handicap  (Otaki) Otaki Racecourse, Otaki, Wellington, New Zealand, Otaki Race Manager Rachel Smith
Timing/Race Reg/results:
Marshalls (2 of 6. Four more required) Peter Mora, Tijs Robinson 
7/12/13 PNP Rice Mountain Classic Martinborough School, Race Manager
Timing/Race Reg/results:
11/12/13 PNP Road Hill Climb Owhiro Bay – Hawkins Hill Race Manager  Oliver Ferry
Timing/Race Reg/results:
Marshall Laurie Farrington
14/12/13 Mini-Tour, To be organised Race Manager
Timing/Race Reg/results:
8/02/14 PNP Wellington Cup 2014 Race 1 – ITT Whitemans Valley course – no base Race Manager
Timing/Race Reg/results:
22/02/14 PNP Wellington Cup 2014 Race 2 – Hill Climb Makara beach – Johnsonville – no base Manager Mike Sim
2/03/14 Interclub Series 2014 Race 4 – PNP Blue mountains – YMCA base
8/03/14 PNP Wellington Cup 2014 Race 3 - Road race Road Race club champs
15/03/14 PNP Wellington Cup 2014 Race 4 – criterium William Durant Drive, Upper Hutt
23/03/14 PNP funride – wairarapa  Gladstone Sports Complex
Gladstone – to be confirmed
30/03/14 PNP minitour  Whitemans valley
Details to be confirmed


Wellington Region Easter Tour, 2014 (Martinborough, Masterton)
Stg 1 10 required Martinborough Corner marshals; 5 x wheel wagons
Stg 2 7 Martinborough Corner marshals
Stg 3 10 required Masterton Corner marshals; 5 x wheel wagons
Stg 4 2 required Masterton Turn around, marshal
Stg 5 10 required Masterton/Gladstone Corner marshals; 5 x wheel wagons
Stg 1-5 1 required Sprint Ace Line Judge**
1 required KOM Line Judge**
3 required Registration, Entries, Timing and Results**
1 required Course set up/PNP trailer**
*Reimbursement of fuel costs.**Reimbursement of preagreed fuel &/or if required Sat/Sun accommodation costs.