Schools Cycling

This sport is BIG. It’s HUGE. You wouldn’t believe it until you’ve been to the National Schools Road Cycling Champs!

Around New Zealand every centre brings their schools together to race bikes. Wellington is no different. The PNP Cycling Club holds regular events for riders to attend over the Schools cycling season between July and October. Schools Cycling is all about Teamwork; much like rowing is teamwork, but cycling doesn’t have a boat to hold the team together. This is where the skill and fun starts as you form strong bonds working together to bring your team home in one piece.

Schools form their own Groups or Clubs. This usually takes a teacher or two interested in cycling, a few parents as helpers, a good group of keen, young cyclists and you’re away. The School then joins the New Zealand Schools Cycling Assoc (NZSCA). There are a number of schools around the greater Wellington region who have teams going away to events: Scots College, Samuel Marsden, St Matthews (Masterton), HIBs and more are forming all the time as Wellington grows rapidly as a centre.

If you can’t form a school team, not to worry, you can still enter the individual road events.

In 2011, the Wellington Schools Cycling Champs had 120 kids racing in grades of U13, U15, U17 and U19. The North Island Schools Champs have 500 riders competing and National Schools Champs, in the Manawatu, have 900 kids attending. This is the biggest competitive cycling event in the country.

The South Island have a South Island Schools Track Cycling Champs. Once the North Islands indoor velodrome is finish being built; keep a lookout for a North Island event too.


To find out more about the Schools Cycling Calendar go to:

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Rules for Junior Gearing: Junior Gears

Together with Track Cycling, Schools Cycling is the place to start out in this fantastic sport.

Your Wellington Representative for the NZ Schools Cycling Assoc. is:

Gary Gibson Tel 386 1262