Criterium Guidelines


Helmets must be Standards approved. Gloves aren’t mandatory, but are highly recommended. Bikes should be checked and safe for use – gears must work properly. All bikes must have high-pressure tyres for these events (approx 100psi). Low-pressure Mountain Bike tyres and tubes with knobblys will not be allowed. If you plan to use a Mountain Bike, please ensure it is converted for road useage.

Junior Gearing

Each Junior bike will be checked for gearing: Before your race, be sure to get a “roll-out”.

U15 riders maximum gear roll-out is 6m.

U17 maximum gear roll-out is 6.61m.

U19 maximum gear roll-out is 7.92m.

More information on Junior gearing will be provided at the Roll-out Station.

Starting a race:

Sometimes races start with a period of riding “under control”. This means that the field will ride around the course a bit slower than racing speed where no-one can attack (a car will be in front). This is to let the field have a look at the course and in the case of lower grade races, let the field get used to each other. This will be for one lap. If you’re not sure, ask the start line official. Don’t be shy. If you didn’t hear it, chances are the others didn’t too.

Mechanicals or punctures:

If you have a mechanical problem – a puncture etc, you can usually take two laps out to fix it and then rejoin the same position you were in. There will be a designated area for changing wheels over and you must ride to this area to change your wheels. Helpers are allowed in the “Pits” area with spare wheels. You cannot change wheels once the call for “two laps to go” has been announced.

Getting dropped (left behind)

If you’ve been dropped by your bunch and lapped, you can rejoin the bunch and try to stay with them. If you have been lapped, you should stay at the back with 2 laps to go and stay out of the way of the finishers. An official will call you out if they deem it necessary, however you can finish if you are well away from the final sprinters. This is for safety reasons only.

It is illegal to ride with another grade. If you’re riding D grade and C grade comes past overtaking your bunch, you are not permitted to jump across into the C grade bunch. (Sometimes, due to time requirements, there may be two races going at the same time).

Sprint laps

During your race, to liven things up, there will be sprint laps. These are to gain overall sprint points for the race or series. You will know when it is a sprint lap, when you cross the start-finish line, a whistle will be blown to tell you to sprint the next time you go past the finish line. After you sprint, the race continues. There may be spot prizes for some of the sprints – if you are not sure on the day, ask the race organiser.


Criteriums are not usually about distance, but about time + two laps. Your race will be for a set amount of time, then you will be told “Two laps to go”. When you cross the finish line with one lap to go, you will hear a bell ring.

U13 grade: you will ride approx 15 minutes + 2 laps

U15 grade: you will ride approx 20 minutes + 2 laps

U17 grade: you will ride approx 25 minutes + 2 laps

U19 grade: you will ride approx 30 minutes + 2 laps

Women’s grade: you will ride approx 30 minutes + 2 laps

These times will be confirmed on the day. Times are variable on each event and are subject to change depending on weather conditions. Some grades may be combined depending on numbers.

Individual Points system for Series winners and Sprint Winners. Also points system for School teams.

Points and Prizes

The winner of a criterium is the first person across the line. Prizes will be available for podium finishers (first 3) depending on numbers entered and availability of prizes. On top of race winners, there is also a “points” winner:

Points are awarded on Sprint laps and the final sprint. The standard points allocated in sprints are: 1st = 5pts, 2nd = 3 pts, 3rd = 2pts and 4th = 1pt.

We will tally the points on each grade throughout the series and offer a prize to the total points winner over the series in each grade. We will also tally the points awarded to each rider from the school they are representing and total them over all of the grades. The School with the most points will be awarded a token prize or trophy.