Junior Road

Road cycling is a hugely exciting sport. It’s got to be the fastest growing sport in New Zealand as more people find the love of cycling once again.

Most junior cyclists, once they’ve got the experience from riding on the track, move onto the road to take their cycling to a new level. This usually starts with the Schools Road programme, then the clubs road programme. The PNP Cycling Club takes road cycling seriously. Under the guidance of a coach, riders develop their road handling skills first before venturing out on the road in traffic. A step-by-step approach is taken with each young rider to ensure their safety at all times.

Bunch Rides:

Regular group rides are undertaken on weekends with kids and parents into cycling. The younger riders usually go out earlier when there’s less traffic and ride around the Bays. Skills are usually done in the carpark before-hand to improve their handling ability. Defensive cycling skills are taught on the road as well as bunch riding techniques. As riders grow with their experience, we take them further with these rides to develop their skills to the next level.


The club offers a good series of racing under the Schools Programme. There are a number of special junior club events around the country that all the riders come together and attend. These can be fun weekends away for everyone.

All of this leads on to the PNP road calendar with more serious events. Not all events suit juniors, but riders do attend many of them, eventually building up to the Centre Road Cycling Champs around April. The extra keen riders then go on to the National Road Cycling Champs.

“It never gets easier; you just go faster” – Greg Lemond.

Contact Gary, the Junior Coach: Tel 386 1262