Rules of the Port Nicholson Poneke Cycling Club

Rules of the Port Nicholson Poneke Cycling Club (incorporated)

Under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908

1. Name & Colours

The name of the Club shall be the Port Nicholson Poneke Cycling Club (Incorporated).

The colours of the Club shall be Red, Gold, Black and White.

2. Object

The objects of the Club shall be:

(a) To encourage and promote cycling, whether track, road or mountain biking, and to engage in any activities designed to promote this object.

(b) To raise funds to promote the objects of the Club.

(c) To do all such acts as shall further the objects of the Club.

3. Interpretation

In these Rules:

(a) Clubmeans Port Nicholson Poneke Cycling Club (Inc.)

(b) “Centre” means the Wellington Centre of the N.Z.A.C.A.

(c) “Council” means the Council of the N.Z.A.C.A.

(d) N.Z.A.C.A. means thc New Zealand Amateur Cycling Association (Inc.),

( e) “Annual Meeting” means the Aunnual General Meeting of members of the Club.

4. Registered Office

The registered office of the Club shall be at 6 Florio Tce, Tawa, Wellington, or at such other place as the Committee shall from time to time determine.

5. Membership

Membership of the Club shall be restricted to amateurs as defined by Rule 30 of the N.Z.A.C.A.

(a) Officers as provided for under Rule 10 of these rules

(b) Senior members.

(c) Junior members as defined by Rule 87 of the N.Z.A.C.A.

(d) Boy members as defined by Rule 88 of the N.Z.A.C.A.

(e) Life Members: shall be elected to such membership at an Annual Meeting. A candidate for Life Membership may only be nominated by the Club or by members in writing, setting out fully the grounds of the nomination. They shall be persons who have given outstanding service to the Club or the sport of cycling.

(f) In addition the Club may elect to honorary or other such membership such persons as it shall decide subject to such conditions as the Club shall by Regulation prescribe. Honorary members shall not have a vote in the administration of the Club.

Note: The membership register shall be prima facie evidence of membership of the Club.

6. Subscription

Members subscriptions shall be set and shall become due and payable at the date of the Annual Meeting each year. No member whose subscription is in arrear for six months shall be entitled to take part in the activities of the Club, but this shall not absolve him from liability for payment.

Any member of the club whose subscription is in arrear for nine months shall thereupon cease to be a member of tho club, but he shall still be liable for the subscription. The name of each member shall be notified to the Centre. Notwithstanding the preceding provisions hereof, the Committee shall have the right to remit subscriptions or other dues owing by any member for any reason it may think fit.

7. Resignation

Any member of the Club wishing to leave it shall forward his resignation to the Hon. Secretary in writing before the Annual Meeting. If such resignation is not received prior to the Annual Meeting the member concerned shall be liable for the ensuing seasons subscription.

8. Suspension

(1) Any member of the Club shall be liable to suspension during the pleasure of the Club in the event of his violating the rules of the Club or the Regulations made thereunder, or failing to comply with any lawful direction of the Committee or of an officer of the Club.

(2) Suspension may be imposed by the Committee of the Club for not more than one months duration. Suspension for a longer period may be imposed only by a Special General Meeting of members called for than purpose.

(3) Notice of any suspension shall at once be sent by the Secretary of the Club to the Centre.

9. Appeals

Any member of the Club may appeal to the Committee against any decision of any officer or sub-committee of the Club.

Such appeal shall be in writing addressed to the Hon. Secretary of the Club and shall set forth specifically the decision appealed against and the grounds of such appeal.

The Hon. Secretary shall arrange for the hearing and determination of the appeal by the Committee at the earliest convenient date. Both the person appealing and the officals appealed against shall have the right to appear before the committee prior to the determination of the appeal.

There shall be no appeal on question of fact.

10. Officers

The officers of the Club, who shall be elected at the Annual Meeting, shall be a

Immediate Past President
Vice Presidents
Club Captain
Vice Club Captain

Together with such other officers as may be deemed necessary and who shall hold offices until their successors are appointed.

All officers except Patron shall have a vote and shall be ex officio members of the Committee.

The Annual Meeting may elect an Honorary Auditor who shall not be an officer.

11. Election of Officers

No member whose subscription is in arrear or who is otherwise unfinancial may be elected to any office in the Club.

A candidate for office in the Club must be proposed by one member and seconded by another. If the candidate be not present at the meeting, then the person proposing him must produce evidence satisfactory to the Chairman that such candidate is willing to accept office.

Where the number of candidates is greater than the number of offices to be filled, a ballot shall be held. Scrutineers for the conduct of the ballot shall be appointed by the Chairman.

12. Chairman

At all meetings of members of the Club the President or Chairman shall preside. If neither of these officers is present the meeting shall elect a chairman.

At all general meetings of members and at all meetings of the Committee the Chairman shall have a deliverative vote and in the event of equality of voting a casting vote in addition.

The Chairmans ruling shall be final on any point of order.

13. Committee

The management of the affairs of the Club shall be vested in a committee of members in accordance with the Regulations of the Club. These, together with the officers, shall be elected at the Annual Meeting.

A member of the committee who shall fail to attend three consecutive meetings of the committee without cause to the satisfaction of the committee shall cease to be a member of the committee.

The committee may appoint a financial member to fill a vacancy among its members, or to fill an office of the Club that may become vacant, and such appointment shall hold good until the next Annual Meeting.

14. Meeting of Committee

Meetings of the committee may be called by the Hon. Secretary at any time or on such dates as the committee shall determine. At all meetings of the committee the order of business shall be:

(a) Confirmation of Minutes

(b) Apologies for absence

(c) Business arising out of Minutes

(d) Outward and inward correspondence

(e) Passing of accounts

(f) Motions to be disposed of

(g) Reports of sub-committees

(h) General business

(i) Requisitions, questions and complaints

(j) Receipt of written notices of motion

15. Executive

The committee may appoint from among its members an Executive Committee to transact the business of the club and generally fulfil all the functions of the Committee between Committee meetings and all decisions of the Executive Committee must be ratified at the next meeting of the Committee or will lapse.

The Executive Committee shall present to each meeting of the Committee a report of its transactions in such form as the Committee shall determine.

16. Sub-Committees

1. The Committee shall when necessary appoint and may at any time appoint such sub-committee as it may consider necessary and shall prescribe the duties and powers of such sub-committees and may from time to time dissolve such sub-committees and appoint others in their stead or alter the personnel of such sub-committees as the Committee shall determine.

2. In the appointment of any sub-committee the Committee shall not be restricted to choosing from its own members.

3. Save as provided in Clause 1 hereof, no decision of a sub-committee shall be binding until it has been ratified by the Committee, nor, shall any sub-committee, unless its order of reference specifically authorises it in that behalf, have the right to transact any business in the name of the Club.

4. A sub-committee shall carry out the duties assigned to it by its order of reference and shall on the date mentioned in such order or in the absence of any date, then as expeditiously as circumstances shall permit, present its findings and recommendations to the Committee. Should the sub-committee fail to present its report on due date it may apply for further time, and the committee may grant such further time or dissolve the sub-committee as the Committee shall determine.

5. Sub-committees may be appointed by a general meeting of members of the Club in the same manner as provided for the appointment of sub-committees by the Committee of the Club.

17. Financial Year

Unless the Centre shall otherwise direct the financial year of the Club shall conclude on the last days of March in each year and commence on the first day of April in each year.

18. Annual Meeting

1. The Annual Meeting shall be held not later than May in each year. Seven days notice of the meeting shall be given by the Hon. Secretary to each member. The notice may be given by post or by advertising in a daily newspaper circulating in the district concerned or by display on the club’s internet website.

2. The business of the Annual Meeting shall be:

a) To confirm the minutes of the previous Annual Meeting

b) To receive the Annual Report and Financial Statement.

c) To elect officers.

d) To consider motions of which notice has been given.

e) To transact general business.

f) Subscriptions and Honoraria.

3. The order in which the business is transacted shall be determined by the Chairman.

19. Special General Meeting

A Special General Meeting of members may be called at any time by the Committee or by requisition signed by not less than ten (10) financial members. The requisition shall be addressed to the Secretary and shall set out specifically the business for which the Special General Meeting is required. Upon receipt of such a requisition the Secretary shall forthwith take the necessary steps to convene the meeting. The notice to members of a Special General Meeting shall be the same as that prescribed for the Annual Meeting.

At a Special General Meeting only the business set out in the notice convening the meeting shall be considered, providing that the meeting may, by unanimous vote, permit the consideration of additional business.

20. Quorum

(1) At all general meetings of members of the Club the quorum shall be such proportion of the members entitled to attend such meeting as the regulations of the Club shall prescribe. If after the expiration of such time as the Chairman shall decide from the time appointed for the commencement of the meeting there is no quorum present, the Chairman shall adjourn the meeting to a date and time to be determined by the meeting. Notice of the new date and time shall be given by the Secretary in the manner prescribed for notice of a general meeting. If at the resumed meeting there is still no quorum present then those present shall constitute a quorum and shall be entitled to transact the business of the meeting.

(2) In the case of a Special General Meeting called by requisition of members, if there be no quorum present the Chairman shall have discretion to adjourn the meeting in the manner prescribed in Section 1 hereof or to declare the meeting lapsed.

(3) At all meetings of the Committee the quorum shall be as decided by the Committee, and prescribed in the Regulations.

21. Voting

Officers, Life Members and members attending a meeting shall have one vote only exercised in the capacity in which they attend.

At all meetings of the Committee and at all General Meetings of members, voting shall be on the voices save where a vote is challenged , when a show of hands shall be taken.

In all contested offices at the Annual Meeting the voting shall be by secret ballot.

22. Alteration of Rules

Neither these Rules nor the Regulations made thereunder shall be altered or repealed , nor any new Rule or Regulation (save as provided in Rule 24) introduced except at the Annual Meeting or at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose. Notice of any proposed alteration, repeal or introduction of a new Rule or Regulation shall be given to each member at least seven days before the date of the meeting.

23. Regulations

The members of the Club in general meeting or the Committee of the Club at any time may make such Regulations for the conduct of the Club as they shall determine, but such regulations may not conflict with these Rules.

Regulations shall have full force as rules of the Club. Any regulation made by the Committee shall hold good until the ensuing Annual Meeting when it must be confirmed or lapse. Pending the confirmation by a General Meeting of a regulation made by the Committee, a regulation so made may be repealed by the Committee notwithstanding the provisions of Rule 23 hereof.

24. Common Seal

The Common Seal of the Club shall be appointed by the Club and the Secretary shall be responsible for the safe custody and control thereof.

25. Funds

All moneys received by the Club shall be placed to the credit of the Clubs account in the bank approved by the Committee, and all disbursements of Club funds shall be by cheque signed by the Hon. Treasurer and by one other member appointed by the Committee for that purpose. No money from the Clubs account shall be paid except pursuant to a decision, duly entered in the Minute Book, of the Committee or of a general meeting of members.

26. Prizes

All prizes shall be in accordance with Rule 82 of the N.Z.A.C.A.

27. Pecuniary Gain

No member of the Club shall derive any pecuniary gain (except as a salaried officer, or by way of honorarium for services rendered voted by a general meeting of members) from any property or operations of the Club.

28. Winding Up

In the event of the dissolution of the Club or the Club through any other cause ceasing to exist, the funds and property thereof after the discharge of all liabilities shall be handed to the Centre to be disposed of as the Centre shall determine. In no event shall the surplus assets of the Club be divided among the members thereof, nor shall the members of the club have any beneficial interest therein.



These regulations to assist administration of the Club, may not be interpreted to negate or alter the Club Rules as set down.

1. Standing Orders

(a) On all questions concerning the interpretation of Rules, Standing Orders or Points of Order, the Chairmans decision shall be final.

(b) A delegate, excepting the mover and seconder of the motion under discussion, may move an amendment and on being seconded the amendment shall be open for discussion. A delegate shall not move more than one amendment.

(c) A motion shall not be discussed before it has been proposed and seconded.

(d) Further amendments shall not be received by the Chairman until the one before the meeting is disposed of.

(e) Amendments shall be disposed of before the motion. When discussion of an amendment has ceased the Chairman sha1l read motion and amendment and say The question is, shall the motion be amended. If affirmed or negatived, the motion in its amended or original form shall become the substantive motion.

(f) A member shall have the right to speak once except the mover of the motion who shall have a right of reply.

(g) A member desiring to speak a second time may do so with the permission of the Chairman.

(h) All questions shall be asked through the Chair.

(i) In an equality of votes, the Chairman shall decide by his casting vote.

(j) A motion or an amendment shall not be carried and rescinded at the same meeting unless by a unanimous vote of the meeting.

(k) A subject which has been passed or negatived shall not be brought up for discussion again except by notice of motion.

(l) Notices of motion shall be given to the Secretary in writing and shall be discussed at a subsequent meeting provided that fourteen days notice is given.

(m) Motions to suspend Standing Orders shall require a majority vote of not less than two-thirds of the votes cast.


The following motions shall require the majorities as hereinafter defined.

Two-thirds Majority

(a) Motion to transfer the Registered Office of the Club. (Rule 4)

(b) Motions to suspend Standing Orders.

(c) Motions to add, to amend or repeal the Club rules. (Rule 23)

(d) Motions for leave to discuss at special meetings, business not on the Order Paper (Rule 20).

(e) Motions to suspend under Rule 8.

Three-fourths Majority

(f) Motions to elect Life Members. (Rule 5)

2. Quorum

At all general meetings of the Club the quorum shall be ten voting members.

At Committee meetings the quorum shall be five voting members.

At Executive meetings the quorum shall be three members.

3. Committees

(a) The management committee shall be six elected members plus ex officio members.

(b) The Social Committee convenor may co-opt, for assistance, particularly with fund-raising.

(c) Each sponsored race event or meeting may be organised by a separate sub-committee.

(d) A novice advisory committee will be available to assist boys and new riders, particularly training and racing.

4. Subscriptions and Honoraria

Subscriptions to be set at the Annual Meeting for Seniors, Juniors, Boys and Associate Members.

Honoraria may also be voted for the ensuing year for Secretary, Treasurer and Auditor.

5. Proxies

Proxies may be given to members of the Club and shall be in writing.

6. Trophies

The Clubs trophies shall be under the control of the Secretary and shall be insured. Trophies, where possible, will be awarded annually and may not be won outright.

7. Club Records

A register of Club records may be kept.

8. Riders Coduct

Club riders are under the jurisdiction of the N.Z.A.C.A Rules at all times they apply.

9. Duties of Officers

(1) The duties of the Hon. Secretary shall be: To call and attend all general and committee meetings; to take minutes, submit correspondence and reply thereto according to the directions of the meeting; to keep a register of the members of the Club and the addresses of the same; to keep all records and generally to perform all the clerical work of the Club. He shall immediately after the Annual Meeting furnish to the Centre the annual return of Clubs which shall be a faithful copy of the membership register of the Club as at the date of the Annual Meeting .

(2) The duties of the Hon. Treasurer shall be: To attend all general and committee meetings; to receive all moneys due to the Club and to place the same to the credit of the Club’s banking account; to sign all cheques for disbursements in conjunction with the other Club member appointed for that purpose; to keep proper books of account; to prepare and submit to members of the Club at the Annual Meeting a duly audited statement of the financial affairs of the Club.

(3)The Handicapper shall handicap all Club handicap races or other competitions. He shall keep a register of all active Club Members, showing the times of such members for all distances over which such members compete in races, and he shall from time to time as occasion may demand amend such register in such manner that it presents a true record of the times of members for the respective distances stated. Such register shall be open for inspection at such times and in such manner and by such persons as the Committee shall direct and shall at all convenient times be open to inspection by the handicapper of the Centre or by such other person or persons as the Centre may appoint.

(4) The Club Captain: It shall be the duty of the Club Captain to foster and direct all the active operations of the Club. Subject to the over-riding authority of the Committee it shall be his duty to arrange for the coaching of members of the Club and the encouragement of their participation in Club and inter-club competitions.

(5) The Vice-Captain: It shall be the duty of the Vice Captain to assist the club Captain in his duties and in the absence of the Club Captain to carry out his duties.

May 1970