Join PNP

New Members Welcome!

Everyone is welcome to come along and try cycling at our local club races. After two Road or Track races in a year you’ll need to join PNP if you want to keep racing. You can ride as many PNP MTB races as you like without having to join.

There are 2 ways to get a membership:


  • Cycling NZ Issued Licenses (‘Ride’ or ‘Race’)

Done online through Cycling NZ.

Can be purchased from 1 November 2015, and expires December 31 2016.

Can be used in Club, InterClub or Open Events within the riders own Centre, plus the Centre Champs

Excludes National Champs

Ensure you check the licence requirements with the specific event you intend to participate in.

For more information about licenses please contact Cycling NZ.

  • PNP Club Only Licenses

If you wish to join PNP without a Center, National, or International license then please use our club only membership form.  These licences can only be used for competition within PNP, with no automatic right to ride in inter-club or centre events.