Subway Junior Criterium 2012: Series overall Winners

The 2012 series has introduced more young riders to racing road bikes, for a number following on from track cycling, and some cross over from mountain-biking, which has increased the competition in the Under 15 and Under 17 boys grades.   This year also introduced a new course, an added variation to the weekly circuit.

 I would like to thank all the volunteers who have helped make this series happen, your time and efforts mean more kids can experience racing as a safe, fun and inclusive event.  Also a thanks in advance to the volunteers who have stepped up for running the series in 2013.

 A big thank you to Bruce Christie of Subway Upper Hutt and Silverstream; let’s hope that we can keep the Subway name active in cycling, at least in Wellington.

Under 13 Girls

1st          Ella Blakely

2nd        Sarah FIndlay


Under 13 Boys

1st          Sam Wilkinson

2nd        Finn Sherlock

3rd         Olly Schwarz


Under 15 Girls

1st          Holly Blakely

2nd        Martin Barnes

3rd         Hannah Larkin


Under 15 Boys

1st          Oliver Wood

2nd        Liam Sherlock

3rd         Eden Cruise


Under 17 Boys

1st          Jed McDermott

2nd        Jack Compton

3rd         Ben Humphries


Under 19 Boys

1st          Vaughn Pretoirus

2nd        Matt Webb-Smith

3rd         Calvin Standrill

The full results for Race 4 are here

Overall Series standing are here

 Good luck to all the junior racers with your upcoming events.

 Deirdre Johnson

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