2012 BP Race 5 Results

In the Cat 1 race, Break 3 managed to stay away with Paul Ludon winning again this Saturday.

The Cat 2 race was a small field this week, the handicapping worked with the field coming together to finish together.

Thanks to race manager Oliver Ferry and the volunteers:Th omas Zink, Jason McCarty, Stephen Taylor, Christopher Johnston,  for running a great race.


Cat1 Handicap:

1. Paul Lundon

2. Louis Higgison

3. Brent Copeland


Cat1 Fastest Time:

1. David Rowlands

2. Mike Naylor

3. Luke McDermott


Cat 2 Handicap:

1. Kerrin Allwood

2. Martin Leighton

3. Ione Johnson


Cat 2 Fastest Time:

1. Kerrin Allwood

2. Martin Leighton

3. Eugene Collins

Full results and points table after Race 5 can be found<here>