Updated Road Handicapping

The updated handicap list is now available here.

The following changes have been made based on results from BP#1:

  • Tony Blakely Cat2-Scratch to Cat1-Break3
  • Zac Blakely Cat2-Scratch to Cat1-Break3
  • Louis Higgison Cat2-Scratch to Cat1-Break3
  • Simon Lawson Cat2-Scratch to Cat1-Break3
  • Tim Sutton Cat2-Scratch to Cat1-Break3
  • Cameron Wood Cat1-Break to Cat1-Break2
  • Lee Evans Cat1-Break2 to Cat1-Break3
  • Gavin Cairns Cat1-Break3 to Cat1-Break4
  • Jamie Walker Cat1-Break4 to Cat2-Break4
  • Andrew Hendriks Cat1-Break4 to Cat2-Break3
  • Andrew Eales Cat1-Limit to Cat1-Break4
  • Michael Delahunty Cat2-Scratch to Cat2-Break
  • Eugene Collins Cat2-Break to Cat2-Break2
  • Ari Evans Cat2-Break to Cat2-Break2
  • Mark Coburn Cat2-Scratch to Cat2-Break2
  • Jodie Stewart Cat2-Break2 to Cat2-Break3
  • Renata vander Helm Cat2-Break2 to Cat2-Break3
  • Hans van der Voorn Cat2-Break2 to Cat2-Break3
  • Steve Chapman Cat1-Break to Cat1-Scratch
  • John Randall Cat1-Break to Cat1-Scratch
  • Malcolm Allen Cat1-Break to Cat1-Scratch

Riders need to request any changes

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to their assigned handicap group before race day via email to road@pnp.org.nz – we will not be accepting handicap changes at registration.

Riders are reminded to bring their tag to registration for electronic entry processing.. If your tag has not been swiped by Deirdre then you will not be recorded in the results.

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