2012 BP Race 3 Results – Series Points Table Added

The BP3 results have been updated – Steve Bale had failed to get his tag scanned at rego and so was not reported in the results. As a one time only fixup he has been manually entered into the race so he can claim his rightful place as Cat 1 Handicap winner. Sorry to Tony Keith who is demoted to 2nd and Matt Webb-Smith who is demoted to 3rd and especially to John ‘hard man’ Randal who has dropped off the podium. No manual fixups will be done in future races – if your tag is not scanned, you will not appear in the results.

The weather gods were smiling on Wainui today, it was warm, sunny and the gentle southerly meant fast times for most, especially on the return leg from the coast.

In the Cat 1 race, Break ruled the roost, pretty much matching the speed of Scratch with only 10 seconds difference in their respective race times. The 3 minute gap between Scratch and Break may have been a bit generous on the Wainui course but the real difference was the small gap between Break and Break2 and Break3 which allowed the groups to merge and add strength in numbers.  Steve Bale took out the bunch sprint from Tony Keith then Matthew Webb-Smith.

The Cat 2 race was also under control of their Break group, with no starters in Scratch they took the dominant role and stormed through the field with each successive group caught swelling their numbers. In the end Chris Walters, Martin Leighton and Simon Henderson attacked the bunch and finished a clear 10 seconds in front. These guys are sending the handicapper a message for next week.

Thanks to race manager Brett Hunt and the rostered volunteers for running a great race.


Cat1 Handicap:

1. Steve Bale

2. Tony Keith

3. Matthew Webb-Smith


Cat1 Fastest Time:

1. David Rowlands

2. Greg Taylor

3. Michael Naylor


Cat2 Handicap:

1. Chris Walters

2. Martin Leighton

3. Simon Henderson


Cat2 Fastest Time:

1. Chris Walters

2. Martin Leighton

3. Simon Henderson


Full results are <here>


The Series Table after 3 rounds in the Balfour Pennington Mens Cup (Cat 2), the Balfour Pennington Womens Cup (Cat 2) and the Dunlop Cup (Cat 1) is available here 2012 BP Series Points Table (after round 3)

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